CI Gossip: Is Hudson asking Jenkins out again?

divorceAfter the recent divorce of Hudson and Jenkins following the tragical death of Hudson’s mother Sun and a long battle over trademark rights, Hudson seems to have come to senses and is planning to hand over the code to Eclipse.

I’ve seen Jenkins’ father Kohsuke in Hamburg earlier this week where he presented some stats on the project activities. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but he drove home the point that Jenkins is where the action is. It seems like Jenkins moved out and took the kids (the open source community) with her. Apparently lawyers don’t code. Who knew?

It appears that Hudson’s new foster parents Sonatype are driving the recent activities trying to reunite the once happy couple in the hope to revive the lethargic Hudson. It remains to be seen if Jenkins can forgive Hudson for what he put her through. After all the hard work to build up a life of her own, Hudson’s request for forgiveness seems almost too much to ask for.


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