Kotlin and Ceylon to open their doors by the end of the year

sim city start

The residents of Java are waiting. Waiting for the day when another city will rise to supremacy in JVMland. These days they are looking north towards the functional territories and watch with interest as the new cities Kotlin and Ceylon are being built. Many Java inhabitants are tired of the city they live in. Not just since their hometown is ruled by Amun, who is said to have just swallowed his predecessor Ra. For years, they have been waiting for new facilities to be constructed. Facilities they have seen on weekend trips to other cities like the very hip Ruby or which they got to know and love while going to school in towns like Haskell. The people of Java are restless. While they are very familiar with their hometown which provides all the basic features to get by, they are craving for someplace new and exciting.

While it is not impossible the move to another city the adventurous have to bear some risks. New cities are having a hard time attracting companies to create jobs for willing new citizens. Often only companies in niche industries are willing to venture outside the secure boundaries of the Java megalopolis. Not few explorers who sought their luck in other cities eventually came back to Java because in the end it turned out to be more convenient. Big companies and with them, their employees won’t even consider moving, before a new city has a proven success record. Many cities tried. None succeeded so far.

The creators of Kotlin, still citizens of Java themselves, claim to have studied and learned from these failed attempts. They are promising all the best features from what is probably their biggest contender – Scala town – while having a way easier infrastructure. They are also advertising stellar public transportation (aka Inter Domicile Express), which should help new citizens tremendously with getting to feel at home in the new environment. Like Scala, they also aim for seamless communication with all districts in Java.

On first glance Ceylon’s layout looks very similar to Kotlin’s and some even suggest they should join forces to enhance their chances to succeed. But since the foundations of both cities are already done and dusted this seems very unlikely.

Kotlin and Ceylon are planning to open their doors by the end of the year and the weary inhabitants of Java are sitting on their packed bags – waiting.

Photo by Samuel Zeller


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