My perfect work environment

willworkforlatteWorking with people, I respect and learn from on something that matters to me in an open and empowering environment that leaves space for my personal life

  • People: shared values (integrity, learning, respect, the Agile Manifesto and the principles behind it), everyone is asked and willing to contribute on all levels, growth mindset, a community, not just co-workers
  • Purpose: something I genuinely believe will make the world a better place, even if just a little
  • Openness: Empowered employees, transparency
  • Organization: Self-sufficient teams, pull systems, encourages wholeness
  • Money: A competitive salary that gets the topic of money off the table without having to make me rich. The potential for big reward, if the team’s vision is fulfilled. A peer-based compensation mechanism.
  • Improvement: Ample time and budget for continuous learning
  • Time: Freedom of time management, room for my personal life, working remotely
  • Startup culture: no bureaucracy, willingness to experiment, data-driven decisions
  • Cool technology stack: the web, current favourites: Meteor, React & JS
  • Free choice of tools: laptop, phone, books
  • Good espresso: this is actually not just nice-to-have, but I am willing to provide my own
  • Healthy food options provided or nearby
Photo by  allaboutgorge
Cover photo by Annie Spratt

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