Scrum roles visualized

Here is my attempt to visualize the roles in Scrum. Mostly influenced by Tobias Mayer’s book ‘The people’s Scrum’ and the Scrum guide.

The “What” Voice

Scrum Roles_1

  • a single voice to the team
  • prioritizing for the highest possible value in the given context
  • aim: “well-formed” outcome
  • responsibility for expenditure
  • go / no-go decisions
  • manage audience (aka stakeholders), people who fund, use or profit the product or service

The “How” Tribe

Scrum Roles_2

  • request clarity and support
  • self-organize: empowered to decide how to work
  • cross-functional: all the skills within the team to create the product

The Agile Coach

Scrum Roles_3

  • outcomes-neutral facilitator
  • fostering a collaborative environment
  • guiding the tribe towards self-improvement and self-sufficiency
  • challenging the containing organization to lead through release and trust

The Scrum Team

Scrum Roles_4

  • healthy conflict and tension between the pulls towards profit, mastery and the greater good
    • innovation
    • deliver value

Cover photo by Nicholas Swanson


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